Most of Trauma in Africa caused by war and most victims are Women and Children, in Tanzania is different we did not face such a situation but mostly is Gender based violence the victims are women and Children generally, a woman has a caring attitude towards her family and a productive vision. Given opportunity a woman can contribute in raising the economic status of her family, through good planning and hard working. A woman can effectively and efficiently mobilize and utilize family resources such as; land, food, money and other property for the benefit of her family.

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Old women with red eyes are automatically known as Witch Craft. In these areas they use fire woods and cow dung as a source of fuel for their daily life. Seating before smoke for a long time results eyes to be red. On every death in the village there must be a witch behind it. The first sign of a witch is Red eyes. After the death of some ones daughter or son people turns against his or her blood father and mother and kill her only if she has red eyes.


In Mwanza and Shinyanga there is a belief associated with Witch craft that body parts of Albinos are used to prepare charms given to some one who wants to be rich, win political election or  success. Albinos are hunted like wild animals. An albino can be chopped off his or her hand to be taken to witch practitioners. The government have opened special boarding schools with the intention of keeping safe to this innocent human beings. Girls and boys are retained at school even during school leave because homes are not safe. Although it seems to be some how safe but they are still traumatized because they don’t know when they will join their families. They are experiencing a Prison like status.


In Mara region, it’s one of the targeted project area, where the Kurya, Luo and Jita communities dwell, there is a bad cultural attitude embedded in their traditions and culture in which women are treated as lesser human beings, that is characterized by inherent Gender Based Violence (GBV). Sexual exploitation, wife beating, female genital mutilation (FGM) and inheritance of widows. There are no equal rights between men and women, such as unequal ownership and distribution of family property. Therefore women of these communities are highly oppressed and traumatized.


In Kigoma Nyarugusu Refugee camp there are more than 35,000 Refugees who have been in the Camp for more than 10 years. They are traumatised due to being away from their countries due to instability in DRC and Burundi countries where they originate. There is no hope to when they might return home.

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