Scriptures for prisoners

Scriptures for prisoners

Scriptures for prisoners in Tanzania

Project Summary

Scripture & Prayer

Scriptures for Prisoners in Tanzania is the Project addresses the need of prisoners to find that hope through faith in Christ.

The Bible Society is distributing Bibles and other books in the prisons in cooperation with pastors and priests working in the all prisons in Tanzania.

The BS staff was encouraged as it took part in worship services in some prisons, and had the opportunity to talk to people who had come to salvation during their time of detention.

We could see the hunger for the Word of God in such places. In this way many Bibles, New Testaments and books with stories from the Bible will be distributed in the prisons.

Key Verse

Isaiah 42:6-7: I, the Lord, have called you and given you power to see that justice is done on earth. You will open the eyes of the blind and set free those who sit in dark prisons.

Prayer points

Pray for the work amongst imprisoned people – that they may find piece with God by reading the Scriptures.

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People who are institutionalized in the country’s prisons need to find hope and forgiveness offered by the Gospel.

Project Goal 

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Distribution of Scriptures to prisons.

Project goal’s relationship to overall bible society strategy

А vital part of the strategic plan of the Bible Society is to reach prisoners with the Bible message about salvation, hope and forgiveness.

How this project will help the beneficiaries

Providing New Testament and appropriate other Scripture will help the priests and pastors working amongst prisoners in their ministry and will enable the imprisoned people being reached by the message of the Gospel.

An observation of a psychologist working in one of the prisons is quite significant: “How is it possible! I cannot hold their attention for more than 10 minutes when we have therapy sessions with them, and you manage to get them just listen to you and singing songs for more than one hour! And reading! Some of them were so eager to read the Bibles & New Testaments given to them that actually learned to read. The came almost illiterate here. We have libraries with other books, but the Bible is considered as a different and a very special book.”


CRM akikabidhi Biblia kwa Mkuu wa Gereza scaled

Distribution of Scriptures to prisons.

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CRM akikabidhi Biblia kwa Mkuu wa Wilaya scaled
Wafanyakazi wa Chama cha Biblia cha Tanzania wakiwa wamepelaka Biblia za wafungwa katika gereza la Mugumu lililoko Mkoani Mwanza wilaya serengeti scaled


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