The Word of God in Braille and improved livehood for PVDs in Kongwa.

Project Summary

Scripture & Prayer

People with visual impairment  are stigmatized and discriminated by the community in Tanzania; and therefore their needs  are given little attention.

Dodoma is the leading region with higher number of visually impaired persons in Tanzania because of trachoma infection. It is estimated that 32% of the entire population of people with disability are persons with visual disability.

In this project the Bible Society of Tanzania wants to address one of these challenges, which is to provide them with user friendly Scripture materials for them to read and listen.; so as the Word of God may transform their life.

In implementing this project the Bible Society of Tanzania intends to distribute  200 Braille Bible portions and 300 Audio Bibles to 500 people out of 4,869 people with visual disabilities in Kongwa District.

Also BST will link PVDs with financial institutions to enable them to get support in their small entrepreneurship; so as to improve them economically; because majority of them are in rural areas and they are very poor.

Key Verse

Mathew 28:16-20

Prayer points

  • Pray for availability of funds
  • Pray for translators as they continue with translation of the Old Testament.
  • Pray for the Translation consultant as he continue checking books online especially during this time with the COVID 19 Pandemic.
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This project is in line with both the Philadelphia promise and the Bible Society of Tanzania strategic plan (2018-2022)

Project Goal

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To reach 500 people with visual disabilities out of 4869 (PVDs) in  Kongwa district with the Word of God in Braille form and audio Bibles so as to meet their spiritual needs. 

Specific objectives

  • To produce and distribute 200 Braille Bible portions (four Gospels) to people with visual disabilities.
  • To provide 300 Audio Bibles to those who are not literate in Braille(New Testament)
  • To have complete Bible in Braille. 

How this project will help the beneficiaries

  • They will have access to friendly user Scriptures.
  • They will be nurtured by the Word of God.
  • Non-Christian people with visual disabilities will have the opportunity to encounter with the Word of God.
  • The Word of God will transform their lives.


Children and Vulnerable Adults

This project is targeting visually disabled children  and adults alike, and therefore the project is inclusive. 



To call upon all stakeholders (community members, government agencies, the church and community based organizations) to ensure that the visually disabled are respected as equal human beings and therefore deserving all human rights including access to the Word of God and other like benefits.

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To have the entire Bible published in Chasu language by the end of 2030 so that it can be used by the Vahasu Church, and can be read by Chasu speakers.

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16 Hatibu / 9th Road, Madukani Area.
P.O BOX 175, Dodoma -Tanzania.


+255 (0) 765 530 892


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