Healing the Wounds of Trauma through Audio program, healing sessions for Nyarugusu refugees camp, and the refugee affected community in Tanzania.

Project Summary

Scripture & Prayer

The Trauma Healing project aims at healing the wounded hearts of people so that they can forgive and meaningfully engage with the word of God.

In daily life, people experience trauma for various reasons such as abuse of rights, domestic violence, stigmatization, discrimination, and other socio-cultural practices that cause torture and unrest. These emotional feelings of insecurity to the victim cause life suffering.

The Society’s experience is that; trauma is the most common problem that is affecting a significant number of people in communities. It is for this reason that the Bible Society is seeking funds that will be used to implement this project, in Nyarugusu refugee camp in Kigoma region, where the intensity of trauma seems to be high.

It is desired that after four years span of the project there will be a vivid impact of behavioral change in terms of reduced Gender-Based Violence (GBV) and abuse of human rights, that there will be communities with God-fearing people.

Key Verse

  • Matthew 11:28 Come unto me and ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest

Prayer points

  • Pray that funds are available so that many people with trauma can be reached.
  • Pray for the traumatized people.
  • Pray for proper implementation of this project and that the required impact is achieved.
  • Pray for the Gospel Bible Teaching Ministry (GBT), Radio Kwizera (RK), and Here Is Life/E2E to be committed to the project as partners.
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This project is in line with both the Philadelphia promise and the Bible Society of Tanzania strategic plan (2018-2022)

Project Goal

ToTs from Hombolo ward in training scaled

The use of Scripture materials (incl. Bibles and Audio listening) in the healing process will equip the local church with knowledge about trauma and trauma healing so that these mental health resources be used in the healing process in more groups. Also, the use of these Scripture materials will help enhance the beneficiaries’ experience of the life-changing message of the Bible and therefore promote attendance and church growth.

How this project will help the beneficiaries

Generally, persons with trauma are human beings created in the image of God and they deserve a good life like any other human being. They also need fulfillment of basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, and such other needs like love and affection. Through the project, the beneficiaries will be helped to overcome the trauma of which they lived. During the healing process, they will gain knowledge about trauma and ways to overcome it; and in the long run, the communities will be transformed and live in harmony without discrimination of any form, condemnation of any kind.


Children and Vulnerable Adults

Children are one of the beneficiaries of the project as they are refugees as well and therefore exposed to the causes of trauma.
Adults at risk like children are also beneficiaries of the project because they are refugees and therefore exposed to the causes of trauma as well.



Dealing with traumatized persons is dealing with vulnerable persons

Empowering them with knowledge on how to overcome trauma is one of the ways of safeguarding them. Also by calling upon all stakeholders particularly governments of countries of origin to settle existing disputes in their countries so that there is peace and tranquility to allow return home for their kinsmen who are living in Tanzania as refugees.


The audience’s need in this project is healing the wounds of trauma that are existent in the hearts of beneficiaries as well as prevention of physical and psychological trauma that is experienced by refugees like loneliness, isolation, abuse of rights, loss of their loved ones, properties, and other valuables.

Some of the youth participants from Mpunguzi village following the training.
People with visual disabilities from Ugogoni ward during training scaled
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