Literacy for women in Africa – BS Tanzania (Kagulu language).

Project Summary

Scripture & Prayer

The Literacy for Women is the programme focusses on building capacity in literacy for the Bible Society of Tanzania.

Kagulu language have been chosen and the audience is primarily non-literate women of child-bearing age, with the secondary audience girls, who are non-school attenders or drop-outs.

The programme is implementing in Morogoro Region.

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Key Verse

Proverbs 3:13 “Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.”
Prayer points
1.Pray for the funding partners.

2. Pray for the life of graduates to be transformed.

3.Pray for the local church partners the implementation of the literacy classes at the grass-root level.

3. Pray for the SIL International consultants as they continue to mentor the staff and guide the training workshops.

4.Pray for the BST and the project team.

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The estimated total effect of the programme is to empower 5000 women and child bearing girls by equipping them with basic literacy knowledge by the end of 2025.

Project Goal

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To provide non-formal education to 5000 women and girls who are speakers of Kagulu language.

The programme will train literacy facilitators for the Kagulu languages. Also literacy supervisor for the selected language will be trained.

National literacy coordinators for the Bible Society permanent staff will be engaged and mentored.

The Bible Society of Tanzania will be the focus of the capacity building aspect of the programme. The aim is to provide the Bible Society with the necessary skills and expertise that are required to implement comprehensive literacy projects for Kagulu minority language

How this project will help the beneficiaries

Project Languages
Kagulu language.

The basic approach of this programme is to address the basic rights of women and girls who for various reasons have been denied access to education. Becoming functionally literate is considered as the key to providing these women and girls with the means to improve their lives by specifically giving them a voice in their communities, improving their health and enhancing their self-esteem as they take pride in their own cultural and linguistic heritage. Learning to read in their mother tongue will also make the Scriptures available to them for the first time. The language chosen has had either a New Testament or Bible recently published or it is nearing publication.

Beneficiary focus

Kagulu language have been chosen and the primary audience is adult women and young child bearing age girls who have dropped out of school or have never been into school.

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Increased number of women are able to read in their mother tongue to Basic User level.

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