Kinyiha First Bible Translation

Project Summary

Scripture & Prayer

The Kinyiha First Bible Translation, this will be the first Bible translation for Kinyiha speakers. We will start with translation of the OT and then we will revise the NT.  

New Testament started in early 1950’s and ended in December 1965 .The New Testament was published, launched and Distributed. The project did not continue due to reasons beyond our control including funding. But According to audience research, the demand of the churches and the community in Nyiha Area, the Bible Society of Tanzania decided to continue translating the Kinyiha Bible. This means to Consider the needs of the Community.

Key Verse

Mathew 28:16-20

Prayer points

  • Pray for availability of funds
  • Pray for translators as they continue with translation of the Old Testament.
  • Pray for the Translation consultant as he continue checking books online especially during this time with the COVID 19 Pandemic.
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This project is in line with both the Philadelphia promise and the Bible Society of Tanzania strategic plan (2018-2022)

Project Goal

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To have the entire Bible published in Kinyiha language by the end of 2034, making it available for mission work.


Project goal’s relationship to overall bible society strategy


  • To translate the Bible in Kinyiha language for mission work among Nyiha speakers. This is in line with the Bible Society’s
  • Strategic objectives that emphasizes the Society’s responsibility of facilitating translation of the Bible into languages without Bible, publish, and print the same – making it available to the community as the Word of God helping them to grow both in faith and spiritually

How this project will help the beneficiaries

Need for the Translation

Wanyiha in Swahili are people who live in Songwe in Region on the south west Tanzania near Tunduma border to Zambia. The estimated number of the Nyiha is 632,000. 

The language is known as Wanyiha in Swahili and Nyiha language in English. At least 90% of the Nyiha population are Christians. A few, however, are Muslim or adhere to the traditional religion, especially those in remote areas.

The beneficiaries will include all age groups.


Non-literate Population


National/Community Context

-The Nyiha language speakers do not have any reading material in their language. However, studies have shown that they predominantly communicate in their own language and having Bible in their language will be a great forum for them to have an encounter with the word of God.

-The Church in the language area requested the Bible Society to provide them with Bible in their language. That request necessitated translation of the Bible in this language to meet the Scripture needs of this tribe.

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To have the entire Bible published in Chasu language by the end of 2030 so that it can be used by the Vahasu Church, and can be read by Chasu speakers.

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P.O BOX 175, Dodoma -Tanzania.


+255 (0) 765 530 892


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