Kimachame Bible Launch

The launch of the Bible in the Kimashami language (Kichagga of Machame), was held in the Congregation of Hai in 04/12/2022.

Bishop Dr Shoo said many people have been neglecting their languages ​​and said it is good to learn and develop their native languages. At the launch of the Bible, the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Tanzania Dr. Alfred Elias Kimonge said apart from the launch of the Bible, they are still facing challenges including people not paying attention to their languages ​​and not giving them priority.

Kimachame Bible
Kimachame Bible
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“Some have assumed that communicating in native languages ​​is a weakness, dear friends, it is not true that native languages ​​are a weakness. The native language is what builds a person’s heart and is the mother tongue for all living,” he said.


Now, It leads to 13 complete local language Bibles have been translated and 41 others have New Testament Bibles.

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There is so much in the Bible that feeds my soul, so many teachings. In the Bible we have everything. The Kimashami Bible brings me great joy to me. On the launch of the Kimashami Bible in Hai Kilimanjaro.

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