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Bible Translation

We translate the Holy Scriptures into various local languages of Tanzania. Currently, 8 complete local language Bibles have been translated and 41 others have New Testament Bibles. Translation is done in cooperation with the church. To ensure accuracy and faithfulness to the original text, translation is done by a minimum of two translators, trained in Read More ..

Bible Production

We publish scriptures in various formats including print, audio, visual and braille in order to meet the needs of all kinds of people. Since the scriptures are mostly used on a daily basis, we make sure the quality is top. This therefore dictates where production is done. Most of our production is done abroad and

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Bible Distribution

For effective distribution of scriptures, we use various channels. This includes; The Bible shop at Bible House, {The Bible Society of Tanzania 16 Hatibu / 9th Road, Madukani Area P.O BOX 175, Dodoma –Tanzania} Distribution vans Volunteers Church Book stalls Online catalogue/shop Social media Bookshops. A commission is given to distributors who are not full

Bible Engagement

To help people engage with the scriptures, we design and implement various programs such as; Trauma healing. Faith Comes by Hearing. Providing Scriptures for People with Visual Disability, and Deaf Bible opportunity Tanzania. . Literacy You can’t read the Bible if you can’t read. Our literacy training helps around 500 people across the people in
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Our Vision

Our Vision is to see that every person in Tanzania has access to Scriptures.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make available and encourage the use of Holy Scriptures to every person in a language each can understand and in an appropriate format at a price they can afford and in partnership with the Church and other stakeholders.

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Katibu Mkuu wa Chama cha Biblia cha Tanzania Dkt. Alfred Elias Kimonge
Meneja Shughuli, Fedha na Utawala wa Chama cha Biblia cha Tanzania Mch. John Godwin Mnong’one

Habari Mpya na Matukio


Scriptures for Children for Christian Nurture

We believe the Bible is for everyone. We believe that it contains the truth about God’s love for humanity, and that without that truth people can’t live to their full potential. That is why we are working tirelessly, in 31 Region of Tanzania, to make the Bible available and understood and to help people release its power into their lives.


Get Involved

We are keen to welcome and work with people who feel they might have something to offer in making our mission a reality. If you feel you might be able to strengthen the work of our Bible Society and bring your experience or passion to help us achieve our vision, then we’d love to hear from you. There are a number of ways to get involved with the work of the Bible Society of Tanzania.

Pray with us

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Tunasambaza Bibilia katika maeneo yote ya Tanzania



Tembelea duka letu la mtandaoni

Tembelea duka letu mtandaoni na chagua Biblia unazotaka kununua.

Endelea mpaka kwenye malipo wewe mwenyewe.

Agiza Sasa

Chagua Mahali

Tujulishe ni wapi unataka Biblia zipelekwe kama ni eneo tofauti la anwani yako kwenye duka yetu ya mtandaoni.

Na Usisahau kuacha mawasiliano ya mpokeaji.

Weka Agizo


Tunakubali kadi za Credit (Credit Cards), kadi za Debit (Debit Cards), Pesa za mtandao (i.e Mpesa), pesa taslimu na Malipo ya Benki.

Uwasilishaji wa Bibilia utafanyika tu baada ya uthibitisho wa malipo.

Nunua Sasa

Wasiliana Nasi

Chama cha Biblia cha Tanzania

16 Hatibu / 9th Road, Madukani AreaP.O BOX 175, Dodoma -Tanzaniahttps://shop.biblesociety-tanzania.org/


Tel: +255-(026)-2324661
E-mail: info@biblesociety-tanzania.org









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