Under Literacy Women in Africa Program (LWA) Adult Villagers in Berega Gairo Morogoro Tanzania given another chance to learn how to read and write.

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CONGRATULATION: Photo that include the graduates, the guest of honor and the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Tanzania and other guests that were invited.

ADULT villagers in Gairo District in Morogoro Region who missed the formal primary education have another chance to learn how to read and write, thanks to the Bible Society of Tanzania. The society in collaboration with the Bible Society of Finland has initiated a programme to enable the villagers, especially women, to learn to read and write in their own language in Kaguru.

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Graduate students playing and dancing with great joyful during their graduation.

Reading out a statement on behalf of fellow students, Buitisi Lirni thanked the Bible Society for the efforts that have made them achieve the goal.

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Bi. Buitisi Lirni, Reading out a statement on behalf of fellow students.

She said now they can easily read the bible and other literature in Kaguru language and Kiswahili. “We missed this opportunity at early stages in life due to various but we can now read and write through the support of the Bible Society of Tanzania” she said.

She said through the programme they can now read the bible and other publications, noting that the programme has helped expand their horizon.

Speaking at the meeting the General Secretary of the Bible Society of Tanzania, Mr. Alfred Kimonge the programme undertaken through cooperation with Bible Society of Finland was to help women, especially those in the villages to read and write.

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The General Secretary of the Bible Society of Tanzania, Mr. Alfred Kimonge (Standing) speaking during the Graduation.

He said women have shown great strength in fostering cooperation in any society and helped bring the desired changes, thus it was prudent to empower them to read the bible and other literatures.

Mr. Kimonge also observed that the church has a role to play in transforming the society, adding the program is in line with the government’s efforts to provide basic education to all Tanzanians. The General Secretary stated that Tanzania is among the five countries (Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Ethiopia and Namibia) globally that benefit from the program aimed at providing basic Learning skills using the respective people’s mother tongue.

“I am impressed by what I have seen here, now that you are able to write and read out your own statement, this is a clear indication the program has opened opportunity for to read more” he said.

He said bible translation in Kaguru language will be out soon, thus they will be able to read the word of God by themselves in their own language.

Also, Mr. Frank Makalla he said, these teachers are expected to start training new students on April 8, 2019 in those particular villages.

But also there will be training for other new twenty teachers, from ten other villages. From there they will start to register a new illiterate people (Women) and those students will begin their training on June 2019 at Berega Village.

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Mr. Frank Makalla (Right) who is program coordinator speaking during the Graduation ceremony.

Guest of honor at the event, Canon Isaac Mgego noted that it was great honor to have people learn in their native language, that they understand most

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Canon Isaac Mgego speaking during the graduation.

He said through the program, Kaguru tribe that was at the verge of extinction will now have its rightful honor once again. ”Please public more books in Kaguru language to help maintain our heritage as well as helping young generation to learn the language” he said.

However, he cautioned that using mother tongue should be used to help foster development instead of causing discrimination and division among them.

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One of the graduates receiving certificate from the guest of honor.

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