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The Bible Society of Tanzania (BST) is registered as a non-profit inter confessional organisation registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation.


The Bible House

BST’s mandate is “To spread the Good News of Jesus Christ by translating, producing, distributing and encouraging the people to use the Scriptures in their day-to-day lives”.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see that every person in Tanzania has access to Scriptures.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make available and encourage the use of Holy Scriptures to every person in a language each can understand and in an appropriate format at a price they can afford and in partnership with the Church and other stakeholders.

Our Core Values

The Bible Society of Tanzania is guided by the following core values in its work:

  • Honesty: We seek to carry out our vision and mission in an open manner, being accountable to God first, to ourselves, to one another, and to our partners and supporters.
  • Integrity: We shall uphold high personal standards and behaviour that is consistent with the products we promote (Scriptures). We shall always endeavour to keep the promises we have made to our customers, audiences, partners and supporters.
  • Creativity: We shall always seek appropriate ways of responding to new and emerging needs of our audiences and seek to have in the market products that respond to their contemporary needs. We shall adopt marketing strategies that enables us provide our wide audience with easy access to affordable quality products.   
  • Commitment: We shall always work with dedication in promoting Bible work in Tanzania. We shall do whatever is possible to ensure that as many people as possible are impacted through our work.
  • Determination: We recognize that there are times when we face difficult circumstances and work in difficult situations. This will not deter us from working towards accomplishment of what we are committed to do.
  • Efficiency: We shall adopt work processes that enable us deliver superior services to our customers. We are committed to a work culture that promotes excellence in all that we do. 
  • Transparency: We shall always endeavour to keep our audiences we serve, our members, Churches in Tanzania, our partners and supporters informed of our work, programmes and activities.  We shall be good stewards and hold ourselves accountable on the resources committed to us.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We seek to serve our audiences in a responsive manner and will seek to respond to their scripture needs in an appropriate manner.  We shall always listen to them and use their feedback for continuous improvement of our service. 

  Governance and Management Structure

How governing and decision-making organ are made

The highest governing and decision-making organ in the Bible Society of Tanzania is the National General Meeting even though administratively the operations of the Society are organised in two tiers; the Auxiliary and the National.  The Auxiliaries are made up of members in one geographical area who with the approval of the Board and governed by the BST constitution, organise themselves to carry out Bible work in that area. The National General Meeting which is held every year is made of up of all members and auxiliaries. The membership of the Society comprises of Life Members, Joint Members, Annual Members, Associate Members, Group Members and Honorary Members.

The National General Meeting appoints the Board of Directors who are charged with oversight over all the General Business the Society and has the responsibility to determine its policies in accordance with local laws and regulations as well as standards and principles laid down by the United Bibles Societies and the constitution of BST.

The General Secretary is also the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation. The General Secretary works with a management team made up of the Business/Administration/Finance Manager (who is also responsible for Programmes), Accountant, Translation Manager, Marketing Manager, and the Church Relations/Resource Mobilisation Manager. The work of the Society is supported by 30 staff at the Secretariat and 30 translators engaged on the various on-going translation projects.

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Mh. Warioba

Mhe. Jaji Joseph Sinde Warioba

Mhe.Mizengo K.P.Pinda

Mhe. Mizengo K.P.Pinda

Askofu Nyansonga

Askofu Gervas Nyaisonga

Askofu Gamanywa

Askofu Sylvester Gamanywa



Rev. Malekana

Rt Rev Mark W. Malekana Mwenyekiti wa Bodi

Baba Askofu Muhagachi

Askofu Amos Muhagachi

Makamu Mwenyekiti

Fr. Chesko

Fr.Chesco P. Msaga


Dr. Kimonge

Dr. Alfred E.Kimonge

Katibu Mkuu


Pr. Maanga

Rev. Prof. Godson S. Maanga

Eng. Manase.png

Eng. Ekael S. Manase

Rev.Victoria Ntenga

Rev.Victoria Ntenga

Pr. Majule

Prof.Geoffrey Majule


Elienea Mbwambo

Rev. Nhonya

Rev.Michael Nhonya

Ev.Fidelis L.Mbiha

Ev.Fidelis L.Mbiha

Fr. Madinda

Fr. Raphael Madinda

Dr. Anna

Anna Wawa Sollo(PhD)

Principle activities

During the year Society’s activities were:

  • Translate the Holy Scripture into various local language of Tanzania. Current, eight (8) complete local languages Bibles have been translated and Forty one (41) others have New Testament Bibles.
  • We publish scriptures in various formats including print, Audio, Visual and Braille in order to meet the need of all kinds of people.
  • Distribute the Holy Scriptures effectively and meaningful to Christian and Christian charches in Tanzania
  • Literacy Training help around 500 people across Tanzania every year to learn basic reading and writing skills as you won’t be able to read the Bible if ones can’t read.

Definition and Interpretations

“Annual General Meeting”

Means a meeting of the Society which meets annually at national level to review the activities of the Society and make policies to which all fully paid up members are entitled to attend.

“Annual Members”

Means members who pay the prescribed annual Membership Subscription for membership within one of the designated categories.

“An Auxiliary”

Means a nucleus of members of the Bible Society of Tanzania, consisting of Life, Full, Associate and Group Members of the Society who meet in a given geographical area of the United Republic of Tanzania, whose purpose is to promote and support the aims and objectives of the Society.

“Associate Member”

Means members who are young people less than the age of 18 years.

“Life Members”

Means members for life who, having paid a one off Life Membership Subscription and continue to pay a reduced Annual Membership Subscription.

“Bible A Month Club Membership”

Means people who pledge monthly contributions of money enough to print at least one bible.

“Honorary Member”

Means a member of the Society appointed by the Board in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the cause and purposes of the Bible Society.

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