Katibu Mkuu wa Chama cha Biblia cha Tanzania Dkt. Alfred Elias Kimonge
Meneja Shughuli, Fedha na Utawala wa Chama cha Biblia cha Tanzania Mch. John Godwin Mnong'one

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Scriptures for Children for Christian Nurture

We believe the Bible is for everyone. We believe that it contains the truth about God’s love for humanity, and that without that truth people can’t live to their full potential. That is why we are working tirelessly, in 31 Region of Tanzania, to make the Bible available and understood and to help people release its power into their lives.

Wasiliana Nasi

Chama cha Biblia cha Tanzania

16 Hatibu / 9th Road, Madukani Area
P.O BOX 175, Dodoma -Tanzania


Tel: +255-(026)-2324661
E-mail: info@biblesociety-tanzania.org